Skygazer Brewing Co Fall Update 2018

It has been almost a year since our last update and in that time, most of you will already know that we have been working away towards an opening. For the better part of last year, our location sat an empty, dirt lot. After overcoming a serious soil issue that brought construction to a complete halt, we can happily say that construction is nearing completion. All that remains are some electrical lose ends, a final layer of asphalt in the parking lot, a sign and a mailbox.

We have avoided providing ETAs on a public opening because we've been delayed so many times. As Valve's Gabe Newell once famously said, "It will be ready when it's done", and we are adopting the same approach.

Things are certainly closer than ever with our brewhouse being in, our tanks in, our canning line in shortly, and our crowdfunding campaign ( well underway. Nevertheless, we don't want to provide an opening date at this point. We suspect we will simply announce our opening through our very first Instagram release post touting "our first can sale will be next Saturday!" And we look forward very much to that moment!

In the time consumed by delays Erik and I have become well versed in the areas of federal and state licensing (liquor and non), can label approval, social marketing, graphics design, health code, building code, electrical code, industrial chemical supplies, and so much more. While we wish the delay didn't happen we do believe in the old saying about everything happening for a reason and we've accrued a wealth of knowledge that will smooth our transition into a public opening in ways that simply could not have occurred if we opened sooner.

If you haven't backed our Kickstarter we would love for you to check it out, we've got some awesome merch available!

We're certain it won't be a year before the next update because things seem to have a much MUCH more tangible feel to them at this point and we have the power of momentum on our side. More to follow!

Taylor, Erik & John

Taken from our Instagram Kickstarter promo.

Taken from our Instagram Kickstarter promo.



Construction Has Begun!

We updated our social media accounts with the news but we're putting it here too. Construction has really begun. And this time we mean we have more than just soil being moved around on an empty lot. Building materials have arrived and we have cement footings poured and settling. So that's exciting!

Our new 5BBL brewhouse is scheduled to be completed in late October and most likely shipped to CT (all the way from CO) in November. Things are slowly coming together. A lot of work still lies ahead but we're ready for it!

Stay tuned!

Holy crap! Cement!

Holy crap! Cement!


Coming to Southington Connecticut!

Hi this is Taylor, one of the Owners/Brewers!

First of all, welcome to our blog! In the coming weeks and months you can check this space to keep up to date on how we're progressing toward launching our brewery. We'll definitely use our social platforms to post updates as well, but this allows us to be a bit more thorough. We plan to keep these posts semi-short, and really informal. (except for maybe this first one!)

An update on our future location! 

A few months ago Erik (Co-Owner/Brewer) and I were trying to decide on an appropriate location to release our beers publicly in CT. We looked in Bristol, Cheshire, Hartford, Wolcott, Farmington, Plainville and many other towns. Often driving around together scanning for properties or "For Lease" signs. We were surprised at how difficult it was to find a solid, affordable building in an area that really called to us. After many frustrating drives around CT, looking at vacant lots, meeting with building owners, property managers, Google searches and more, we were given the name Lou Perillo by a friend of mine, Dan Comen, who works for the Southington FD.

Lou is the Director of Economic Development in Southington. The first time we called Lou he said "swing by my office Thursday and we'll drive around town looking at some spots that I think could work for you." We were blown away! After looking at a few properties that didn't end up working out for various reasons, he then brought us to an open field in a quiet, industrial cul-de-sac. A new building would be breaking ground in early spring and he mentioned that maybe we could reach out to the owner and builder to see if they would be ok with having a brewery operate on the property. After arranging a meeting with them they were open to the idea and everything else has started to fall into place. 

We really wanted to end up in the Cheshire or Southington area because of how central those locations are in Connecticut. That central component means very easy highway access from all directions. If you look at a map, you have 91, 84, 691, and rt15 provide really quick access to Southington. You also have Rt9 nearby, and of course Rt10 going right through the heart of the town. We think this access will make getting our product super easy, which is especially important considering we plan to launch as a retail shop only. This made moving to Southington a very easy decision for us. The town's hospitality thus far has only been icing on the cake. 

The new building should break ground at the end of April 2017 and is slated to be completed by the end of July. Of course with any project of this magnitude, delays should be expected. Once the building is up we still have a ton of work to do on the legal, permits, zoning, and health aspects of opening a brewery, not to mention actually building out the brewhouse. So it's hard to nail down a date for when we'll launch. It's still really early. 

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for your interest in our beer! We're looking forward to the hard work ahead and opening brewery to add to the already incredible Connecticut craft beer scene!

See you soon!