It has been almost a year since our last update and in that time, most of you will already know that we have been working away towards an opening. For the better part of last year, our location sat an empty, dirt lot. After overcoming a serious soil issue that brought construction to a complete halt, we can happily say that construction is nearing completion. All that remains are some electrical lose ends, a final layer of asphalt in the parking lot, a sign and a mailbox.

We have avoided providing ETAs on a public opening because we've been delayed so many times. As Valve's Gabe Newell once famously said, "It will be ready when it's done", and we are adopting the same approach.

Things are certainly closer than ever with our brewhouse being in, our tanks in, our canning line in shortly, and our crowdfunding campaign ( well underway. Nevertheless, we don't want to provide an opening date at this point. We suspect we will simply announce our opening through our very first Instagram release post touting "our first can sale will be next Saturday!" And we look forward very much to that moment!

In the time consumed by delays Erik and I have become well versed in the areas of federal and state licensing (liquor and non), can label approval, social marketing, graphics design, health code, building code, electrical code, industrial chemical supplies, and so much more. While we wish the delay didn't happen we do believe in the old saying about everything happening for a reason and we've accrued a wealth of knowledge that will smooth our transition into a public opening in ways that simply could not have occurred if we opened sooner.

If you haven't backed our Kickstarter we would love for you to check it out, we've got some awesome merch available!

We're certain it won't be a year before the next update because things seem to have a much MUCH more tangible feel to them at this point and we have the power of momentum on our side. More to follow!

Taylor, Erik & John

Taken from our Instagram Kickstarter promo.

Taken from our Instagram Kickstarter promo.