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Can Availability: Thurs, Oct 17th. Sat Oct 19th.

(NEW SATURDAY HOURS: 9AM to 2PM. We will no longer be opening at 8AM. Samples start as soon as the doors open. Thanks!)

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Parking Info

Parking on the street is OK.
Parking in our lot is OK.
Parking at ProCaire (across from us) is OK.
Parking at Northeast Mobility is NOT Ok.

Please drive slowly and as cautiously as possible.

3 Cases maximum purchase per customer.

Watercolors - Raspberry, Boysenberry, Vanilla and Milk Sugar - 5.3% ABV

Boysenberry and Raspberry are a perfect combo for the Watercolors series, blending both the rich and intense tart and tangy flavors of the Boysenberry with the sweet floral/rose notes of the Raspberry. The vanilla addition assists in rounding out the overall flavor profile of the finished beer lending a dessert like creaminess and the milk sugar dosing creates a thicker body and long lasting residual fruit coating on the pallette. 😛

$5.25/Can + Sales Tax

8 Cases left

Moonloop - Milk Stout Brewed with Blueberry, Maple, Cinnamon and Vanilla - 7.0% ABV

This milk stout recipe let's the blueberry and maple notes take center stage, with the finishing touches of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. A delicious partner to your Saturday morning blueberry pancakes. For this can art, each label uses moon arrangements to form letters and when combined all together, spell Moonloop. Collect them all! 🍻

$5.50/Can + Sales Tax

6 Cases

Reverse cosmosis - DIPA - 8.0% ABV

We took this beer and boosted it up to a full DIPA, sitting at 8% on the money, brewed with Amarillo Cryo, Simcoe and Cashmere, one of our favorite hops. We taste and smell pungent grapefruit, sweet orange, melon with a smooth but assertive bitterness. 🍻

$4.25/Can + Sales Tax

10 Cases